Cmd Linux Security Cloud Now Available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace

Availability Simplifies Procurement of Cmd’s Cloud Security Platform for GCP Customers

VANCOUVER – SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 – Cmd, the security startup focused on protecting Linux environments running in the cloud and in data centers, just announced the availability of its Production Linux security platform in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Their cloud-native platform enables companies of all sizes to achieve observability across their Linux infrastructure and implement proactive, automated controls that manage and protect access to remote systems. With the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace availability, GCP customers can easily procure and deploy the lightweight Cmd agent to every critical system they support, while simultaneously adding a stronger platform for managed service providers (MSPs) to enhance their Linux monitoring, auditing and security services for their clients’ compliance requirements.

The Cmd Cloud Platform delivers deep visibility into Linux systems through its modern eBPF-based agent, allowing customers to see system- and user-level calls without any modifications to the underlying kernel. This highly performant, easy-to-deploy technology means companies can easily and reliably monitor their entire Linux infrastructure, including critical Production Linux systems supporting business applications and services, to satisfy necessary compliance standards, identify and stop malicious behaviors and provide access guardrails to minimize human error.

“Organizations of all sizes are facing the need to satisfy growing compliance requirements and identify and fill security gaps forming from the rapid adoption of Linux infrastructure,” says Jake King, CEO and Co-Founder of Cmd. “Our goal from the start has always been to deliver observability and run-time protection for Linux systems that doesn’t require massive overhead or custom development, and are excited that our listing on the GCP Marketplace will make solving these challenges that much easier to deploy.”

Additionally, managed service providers that build their offerings upon Google apps and infrastructure will now be able to seamlessly integrate Cmd’s monitoring, auditing and user control functionality for Linux environments into their current portfolios. Cmd’s platform delivers on the security monitoring, logging and log analysis and access management that fall completely on cloud customers to implement and maintain with respect to existing shared responsibility models.

Without the need for the complex configurations or overhead generally associated to Linux logging software, MSPs will be able to quickly ramp up their listings to provide their clients new avenues of support for the security, audit and compliance challenges they face.

“The depth of visibility you get combined with the ease by which you can extract actionable information from the data collected by the Cmd agent is an absolute game changer for MSPs everywhere,” says Sam Whelan, VP of Global Sales at Cmd. “The expertise needed to protect flexible, config-heavy Linux systems is baked right in, which cuts out the complexity and provides a great business opportunity to uplevel the conversation and provide real value.”

Google Cloud Platform customers can use their credits to activate a subscription of any of Cmd’s three tiers, including its free tier Cmd Free which provides visibility, alerting and reporting capabilities for free for up to five servers.

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About Cmd

Cmd is focused on protecting Production Linux environments running in the cloud and in data centers. Our lightweight platform provides visibility into Linux activity, addresses audit & compliance gaps, implements controls that keep DevOps safe, and triggers alerts on hard-to-find Linux threats. For more information, visit or follow us @cmd_security.

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