Threat Detection and Cloud Security Are Top Concerns for Digital Transformation

Independent Research from VIB Surveys 266 IT Professionals Finds Compelling Results Around the State of Digital Transformation

VANCOUVER – JULY 26, 2021 – Cmd, a Linux security startup, just released the State of Digital Transformation Survey – 2021. The timely survey, which interviewed over 266 pre-screened IT, cloud, and security professionals, found that 74% of respondents believe threat detection and 62% of respondents believe cloud security are the biggest security challenges for digital transformation initiatives. 


The survey, conducted in the Summer of 2021, was created to uncover the timing of digital transformation projects, the biggest challenges, and if digital transformation has become more important given the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 55% of the respondents are from companies with over 1000 employees, and 75% of the respondents were director-level roles.


Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, 58% of digital transformation projects have been greatly or somewhat accelerated. Based on the survey, over 54% of respondents will be moving more than 50% of their production-based applications to the cloud. 


“It is clear from our survey of business leaders that COVID-19 is the driver for acceleration in digital transformation roadmaps across industries,” said Amar Mokha, COO of Incisiv Inc. “While CxO’s prioritize regulatory compliance and stakeholder experience (Associates and Customers), operational leaders prioritize customer experience as key objectives of digital transformation. Businesses which are further along in the transformation journey are not only willing to spend more on security, but also advocate making security tool related decisions an integrated part of their digital transformation roadmap.”


Challenges with digital transformation

Three areas were listed as the most significant with regards to challenges with digital transformation: security at 55% of respondents, lack of budget at 45% of respondents, and the current state of IT infrastructure at 41% of respondents. 


“Cmd helped us identify and normalize our deployment process allowing us to focus on cloud edge use cases,” said Will Tarkington, Director, Head of Security at Zenefits. “We were able to actualize our digital strategy plans faster than we thought was possible.”


52% of the respondents see security being a challenge in these digital transformation projects because of a lack of budget, 47% see skills and expertise as lacking, and end-user behavior contributes 37% to why securing these environments continue to be a challenge for some. According to CyberSecurity Adventures, there is a 3.5 million shortage of security professionals. 


“Our customers have repeatedly mentioned that securing their cloud workloads in this environment is challenging,” said Santosh Krishnan, CEO of Cmd. It’s great to see the challenges of detecting threats and securing the cloud be brought up as hurdles that we can help customers overcome as an industry.”


Timing of digital transformation projects

The survey found that only 26% of respondents are at the advanced execution stage or have completed their digital transformation. The remaining 74% are at an early stage or in the planning process for digital transformation. Less than 28% of respondents expect to be completed with their digital transformation within the next 12 months. The majority of respondents at 72% expect their transformation to continue over the next 18 to 24 months and beyond. 


This vendor-neutral research was independently conducted by Virtual Intelligence Briefing (ViB). ViB is an interactive online community focused on emerging industries through rapid growth stage technologies. ViB’s community is composed of more than 2.2M IT practitioners and decision-makers who share their opinions by engaging in sophisticated surveys across multiple IT domains. The survey methodology incorporated extensive quality control mechanisms at 3 levels: targeting, in-survey behavior, and post-survey analysis.


IT executives should consider leveraging more infrastructure security, runtime security, and managing privilege sessions to help secure their digital assets. For more on this survey, check out the full survey at


About Cmd 

Cmd, based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, delivers runtime security to global brands, financial institutions, and software companies who need infrastructure detection and response capabilities. The Cmd platform observes real-time session activity and allows Linux administrators and Developers to take immediate remediation action. Organizations will sleep easier and save time and money by securing their infrastructure with Cmd.

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