Cmd joins Elastic to Further Cloud Runtime Security 

By: Santosh Krishnan

Wow! What a difference a year makes. Almost a year ago, I joined Cmd. I was immediately impressed with the product, knowledgeable customers and, mostly, Cmd’s people and their culture. This team has accomplished so much in the past few years, I’m very proud to be a part of it.

It’s time for Cmd as a company to take our next step together. Today, we announced that we are joining forces with Elastic. This is great news on many levels.

  • Comprehensive security – It’s great for the security industry because we are combining our Infrastructure Detection and Response (IDR) platform with Elastic’s stellar EDR and SIEM offerings. In the future, organizations will enjoy a seamless enterprise-wide security experience backed by the immense power of the underlying Elastic Stack.
  • Scale and Reach  – It’s great for Cmd customers who seek more scale and more agile cloud deployments in the future. By combining Cmd’s security capabilities  with the limitless scale and reach offered by the Elastic Stack, we will be able to satisfy the security needs of customers from the very small to the largest of enterprises.
  • Better workflows for security professionals – As a proven leader in event and log analytics, Elastic is already leveraged by countless security professionals for incident management, forensics and threat hunting. We are extending those workflows to now include real time visibility, preventive controls, triage and response for cloud workloads in a cohesive fashion. A unified user experience without point solutions.

Again, this is an exciting time for Cmd and Elastic. We appreciate your support as we make this transition.

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