Cmd on Risky.Biz: How COVID is Changing Security Priorities

By: Jennifer Ellard

Here we are, a couple months into the pandemic, and security teams are really starting to get their arms around a whole new set of challenges and priorities. That was the context for the discussion that Cmd’s CEO Jake King had with Patrick Gray from Risky.Biz this week, along with some updates on our new free product, coming soon – sign up now.

Pat opens the conversation:

Since we last spoke, a few things have changed in the world. How has usage of Cmd actually changed?

Check out the podcast episode (starting at 42:55 for a 15-minute segment) to hear Jake and Pat dive into this topic.

So… what gives security teams anxiety these days? Here’s what they discuss:

  • Production SSH / SSM keys sitting on laptops in living rooms
  • Opening up home IP addresses to SSH into production environments
  • Moving CI/CD tools to home laptops to work faster
  • Creating new gateways
  • Developers fixing live systems out of process because “it’s just faster”

Aside from these topics (and how Cmd helps), Jake and Pat also talk about all the identity & access management (IAM) software that sits on the shelf – especially when it comes to Linux and cloud environments. This is one of the big reasons Cmd Free is so compelling… lightweight software to control identities and privileges that doesn’t require 5 developers and a year-long project to set up.

So carve out some time and listen Cmd’s segment on Episode #538 of Risky Biz. Like what you hear? Sign up for our free product, coming soon!

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