Data Science for Linux Security: Cmd Founder Jake King’s Interview on Risky.Biz

By: Jennifer Ellard

Last week, our CEO & Co-Founder Jake King met with award-winning journalist & podcaster, Patrick Gray from Risky.Biz, to discuss how Cmd is using data science and machine learning to improve security on Linux. It was a great episode – a must-listen for anyone looking to get to the next level in visibility and control over their Linux-based cloud & data center environments.

At Cmd are on a mission to track and control users in production Linux, redefining how you do privileged access management, user attribution compliance, and threat detection / incident response in the cloud. Standard security solutions are too high-level and too slow when it comes to Linux. With Cmd, we are using big data and AI/machine learning to help you protect your environment better and more easily. 

The data we are collecting is producing a lot of compelling insights into how developers, operators, and admins are interacting with production Linux instances at scale. Linux environments are too often a “big black box” – where you don’t know what’s happening inside. That makes it really hard to audit and protect these systems. 

Patrick and Jake dug into this issue, with a particular focus on how the right data changes the game. At Cmd we know that by collecting a broader and more accurate spectrum of Linux-specific intelligence than virtually anything else out there including Auditd, we could see trends that help identify bad actors and address hard-to-find security gaps. We are one of the first vendors to centralize this data in a simple format and provide metadata analytics from the billions of events per week that we capture. This provides a lot of valuable information for companies to use. 

Patrick also talked about how too many alerts have caused a lot of distrust among security products. Getting a flood of alerts late in the night or at the wrong time can cause an analyst to question the quality of the alerting system. When it comes to AI, you get the ability to simplify the tasks that human operators need to look at. This makes a huge difference, allowing practitioners to focus their efforts on those events that actually matter.

In this podcast, Jake announced an exciting upcoming release of Cmd. We will soon make a version of our product available for FREE, and RiskyBiz listeners can pre-register for our wait-list ahead of its launch date to get on the list early.

If you are a security professional and want to see what’s happening in your Linux environments, check out Risky Biz and then enter the early access program via, which includes more information about the upcoming product release. 

And if you haven’t already, listen to the full podcast. Check it out here


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