Digital Transformation Is Now and Threat Detection Is the Top Concern_

By: Jennifer Ellard

Recently, ViB and Cmd conducted a survey called (State of Digital Transformation Survey – 2021) to understand more about Digital Transformation. We learned a lot and thought it might help you prioritize transformation and even security decisions for 2021 and beyond.  

The research found that 74% of respondents believe threat detection is the top challenge for digital transformation. Secondly, 62% of respondents believe cloud security is the next challenge for digital transformation initiatives. Next, the survey found that 74% are at an early stage or in the planning process for digital transformation. The time to plan and consider your digital transformation and security initiatives are now. 

Top two concerns for digital transformation


Based on the survey, percentage at an early stage of planning


Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation Is Real

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, 58% of digital transformation projects have been greatly or somewhat accelerated. 


Impact of Covid on Digital Transformation projects


“It is clear from our survey of business leaders that COVID-19 is the driver for acceleration in digital transformation roadmaps across industries,” said Amar Mokha, COO of Incisiv Inc. “While CxO’s prioritize regulatory compliance and stakeholder experience (Associates and Customers), operational leaders prioritize customer experience as key objectives of digital transformation. Businesses which are further along in the transformation journey are not only willing to spend more on security, but also advocate making security tool related decisions an integrated part of their digital transformation roadmap.”

The Top Digital Transformation Challenge Is Security

Three areas were listed as the most significant with regards to challenges with digital transformation: security at 55% of respondents, lack of budget at 45% of respondents, and the current state of IT infrastructure at 41% of respondents. 

Three top challenges with Digital Transformation


We’ve even helped our customers transform their digital infrastructure. “Cmd helped us identify and normalize our deployment process allowing us to focus on cloud edge use cases,” said Will Tarkington, Director and Head of Security at Zenefits. “We were able to actualize our digital strategy plans faster than we thought was possible.”

Still there is a huge gap with employing security professionals,  and the survey found the same. 47% of respondents see skills and expertise as lacking too. 


Still a big hiring gap for security skills and expertise


What’s the Impact on Your Security Programs?

The impact on security teams is two-fold. 

First, it’s important for security teams and their operations teams to understand each other’s goals. But more importantly, they need to speak each other’s languages to properly secure the cloud. The responsibility is often shared across these two teams. 44% of respondents say there is a lack of cloud expertise and 43% of respondents say cloud misconfiguration or drift is a concern. These challenges are more operational, but each operational challenge can impact security posture. The next concern is weak cloud security. Having these two teams listen and appreciate each other’s perspectives is key. 


Cloud expertise and drift are long-term concerns with digital transformation projects


The second aspect that cannot be overlooked is that securing a cloud infrastructure is not the same as securing an endpoint or desktop. Simply adding Endpoint Protection (EPP) or Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) is not going to cut it in the cloud. IT teams should consider leveraging more infrastructure security, runtime security, and managing privilege sessions to help secure their digital assets. For more on this survey, check out the full survey or this cloud incident and response blog

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