How Cybersecurity Laws Impact Multinational Cloud Workloads

By: Scott Holt

Many organizations operate out of more than one country. When you share cloud or application access across multiple nations, you are subject to each country’s cybersecurity regulations. What are the cybersecurity laws in China, Canada, or Brazil? With recent changes to national regulations like China’s Multi-level Protection Scheme (MLPS 2.0), organizations may find themselves facing new requirements they’ve never negotiated before.  

Cmd can help your organization adjust to these requirements quickly. Here are a few ways we’ve helped other organizations secure their cloud-based workloads. 

Meet Multi-level Protection Scheme Requirements

With Cmd, organizations can set up a baseline of your environment’s Linux activity to understand what security protocols need to be adjusted to ensure compliance with MLPS. Based on the baseline findings, organizations can leverage whitelist features within Cmd to allow certain actions and restrict others, keeping up with global cybersecurity best practices. 


Protect sensitive data

In some extreme cases, your organization may be required to deploy a state-mandated backdoor into your production systems. More common than not, we find Cmd customers need to grant an SSH key or deploy a state-mandated agent on each Linux instance.


Monitor user actions

Cmd grants users the flexibility to closely monitor all actions initiated with the granted keys, and restrict what that user can and cannot do on the machine (even if they’re granted root level access). We have found that some of our users may even restrict the day and times the state may access to these machines to protect their production environments from disruption during critical business hours.


Monitor or restrict privileged access

If you are working on a project that requires you to deploy servers in such a country, Cmd can help with monitoring/restricting this access while giving you a deep understanding of how and where these privileges may be used or abused.

If your organization is facing some of MLPS 2.0 or other cybersecurity law challenges, Cmd can help. We’d be happy to show you how we help in a personalized demo.

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