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How To Deploy 2FA for Your Cloud/Datacenter When Everyone’s Remote

By: Jennifer Ellard

Normally a complex project, Cmd can make deploying 2FA across their Linux cloud or datacenter easy, scalable, and high-impact.

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3 Tips For Simplifying Privileged Access on Production Linux

By: Jennifer Ellard

Privileged access management (PAM) is a core capability in any mission-critical environment. Without it, anyone with a password can get free rein across your servers, leading to downtime, operational issues, or even breaches. However, modern cloud and data center environments have a set of unique requirements that make traditional PAM solutions far less effective. Today’s…

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Build security that works for DevOps, not against it

By: Jennifer Ellard

 In an ideal world, DevOps and security work hand-in-hand to deliver secure code quickly. This would make sense, right? Well unfortunately, we all know that reality can be a bit different. Too often, security slows down DevOps and interrupts with how developers carry out their day-to-day work. And the result? Developers find ways to work around…

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