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Data Science for Linux Security: Cmd Founder Jake King’s Interview on Risky.Biz

By: Jennifer Ellard

Last week, our CEO & Co-Founder Jake King met with award-winning journalist & podcaster, Patrick Gray from Risky.Biz, to discuss how Cmd is using data science and machine learning to improve security on Linux. It was a great episode – a must-listen for anyone looking to get to the next level in visibility and control…

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Newest Linux sudo bug discovered and patched

By: Jennifer Ellard

News broke this week that Linux (and macOS) has been hit with a serious bug in their sudo utility. This bug was discovered by an Apple Security Expert, Joe Vennix, who also discovered a similar buffer overflow attack sudo back in October 2019. This bug allowed unprivileged users to easily obtain root privileges on vulnerable…

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Jake’s Take: Linux in 2020

By: Jennifer Ellard

Linux is continuing to rise in popularity with over 96.3% of the world’s top 1 million servers running a Linux solution. An increase in popularity only leads to an increase in vulnerability to attackers. With new vulnerabilities appearing constantly, security teams need to keep their solutions in check and stay updated on what is going…

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