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Addressing the Unavoidable Security Holes Caused by Root Users and Privileged Accounts on Linux

By: Brian Gladstein

Practically speaking, Linux has an inherent security hole big enough to drive a truck through: privileged accounts. Whether through compromised service accounts, stolen credentials, or the wrong commands executed by root users — the fact that Linux provides no way to restrict what privileged users can do is a big impediment to enforcing security policy. As…

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Cutting Through the Buzzwords of Machine Learning at Day of Shecurity San Francisco

By: Deepali Arora

The Shape of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity As an industry, security is behind others in applying machine learning effectively. But at the same point, it is also the industry with the biggest challenges. Why? Because security is extremely unpredictable. And without a clear understanding of what techniques a cybercriminal will use, it is difficult to…

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New Features In Cmd Make Access Control on Linux Easier, Faster, and More Compliant

By: Brian Gladstein

Centralizing security controls over decentralized Linux farms is not easy, especially when trying to still allow DevOps the freedom they need to troubleshoot, upgrade and maintain the environment without having to relearn any tools or processes. That is where Cmd can help — putting access guardrails on Linux that ensure control while leaving DevOps with…

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