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How to Stay Secure While Traveling

By: Jennifer Ellard

Traveling to conferences and events is one of the best ways to expand your professional network and learn about new ideas from peers and experts around the world. Nowadays, all of our applications & data are stored in the cloud. This makes it easy for us to remain connected throughout an event, but in return,…

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Assess Your Linux Security Posture With SANS Recommendations – Download This Checklist

By: Jennifer Ellard

Recently, SANS Institute released a whitepaper called Taming the Wild West: Finding Security in Linux, designed to help companies improve the security posture of their Linux environments. This is a growing topic of discussion within the SANS community, especially as so many organizations are building out their cloud-based development efforts on Google Cloud, AWS, or…

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Tracking and Controlling Users on Production Linux Just Got Easier

By: Jennifer Ellard

Announcing the December 2019 Release of the Cmd Linux Security Solution Whether you are in DevOps or IT Security, getting tasks done quicker is always a good thing — provided you do them well. We get this at Cmd, and we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers more easily track and control users…

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