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Vim or Emacs? The Debate is over…

By: Emily Nardone

Look across pop culture and you’ll find holy wars everywhere: Coke vs Pepsi, iPhone vs Android, Marvel vs DC, pirates vs ninjas… the list goes on. It’s human nature, and it happens to all of us. But for #LinuxLovers, we’re talking a whole different level. There is a set of polarizing topics that mere mortals…

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VIDEO BLOG: Virtual CISO Roundtable featuring Kevin Paige of Flexport

By: Emily Nardone

 A couple of weeks ago we were in the midst of planning an event at the Rickhouse in San Francisco with one of our customers – Kevin Paige, CISO of Flexport. Then, shutdowns started to grip the country, so we did what many other organizations are doing – we went virtual. At our first virtual CISO…

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Has your data gone phishing?

By: Emily Nardone

Thousands of phishing scams are created and acted upon daily, even more so with the amount of people working from home right now. Remote work opens up new doors for hackers and gives them an attractive new target, Production Linux  – with all the sensitive data and mission-critical apps they contain. These scams are a…

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