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How Cmd Reduces Alert Fatigue amidst New Remote Working Patterns

By: Deepali Arora

As the world tries to slow the spread of COVID-19, the way we work is changing quickly and drastically. Doctors and economists are working diligently to find ways to get through and ultimately recover from this pandemic, and meanwhile the general population is busy adapting to sudden changes in our day-to-day lives. Yet, chaos breeds…

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How To Deploy 2FA for Your Cloud/Datacenter When Everyone’s Remote

By: Brian Gladstein

Abnormal Is The New Normal in Cybersecurity As an industry, we’re all scrambling a bit right now. Employees are working from home, plans are being re-assessed, and meanwhile every security professional knows that amidst this chaos the adversary will be looking to take advantage of the situation. Here at Cmd we’ve been helping our customers…

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3 Tips For Simplifying Privileged Access on Production Linux

By: Emily Nardone

Privileged access management (PAM) is a core capability in any mission-critical environment. Without it, anyone with a password can get free rein across your servers, leading to downtime, operational issues, or even breaches. However, modern cloud and data center environments have a set of unique requirements that make traditional PAM solutions far less effective. Today’s…

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