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Cmd at BSides Connecticut — PAM for Agile Clouds and Data Center Environments

By: Brian Gladstein

Presenting at My First BSides This past weekend, I was honored to present at BSides CT. This was my very first presentation at a BSides, and to be able to…

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Cmd Named for Data Breach Prevention on CNBC’s Top 100 Most Promising Start-Ups

By: Emily Nardone

This week, CNBC included us in their list of “100 of the world’s most promising start-ups to watch in 2019”, and interviewed our CEO, Jake King, to discuss how Vancouver…

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Breaking Down the Linux Sudo Bug — and Why It Probably Doesn’t Impact You

By: Alex Bell

News broke earlier this month of a critical bug in the Linux command ‘sudo’, a core tool in Linux that allows user to run programs with elevated privileges. In typical…

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