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3 Ways ChatOps for Permissions Improves Security

By: Jennifer Ellard

In this post, we explore some of the core ways that integrating ChatOps as part of permissions processes can improve security—and more.

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Four Steps to Getting Your Linux Cloud Audit-Ready

By: Jennifer Ellard

TL;DR: Compliance can be a huge point of stress for cloud-first companies. In this co-written article with Audit Liaison, we’re sharing a handful of core actions to get your cloud audit-ready. Back in the “good” old days, audits involved much less data and way more paper. Today, a compliance audit can encompass massive amounts of…

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Tackling Production Linux Security in Three Phases: Part Two

By: Jennifer Ellard

Ensuring security in Production Linux environments is a major challenge, so take it in phases. In the second of this 2-part series, we discuss the walk and run stages for a more secure and well-regulated Production Linux environment.

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