Attack Lifecycle Philosophy: Thinking Backwards, Past Entrypoint Security

By: Thaddeus Walsh

In the last blog, we discussed a handful of asymmetries that, together, explain the seemingly endless depth of cost and effort required to properly secure technology assets. In this piece, we’ll cover the life cycle of a cyberattack. This life cycle is universally consistent across cyberattacks, so we’ll be leaning on that consistency to upend…

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Digital Transformation Is Now and Threat Detection Is the Top Concern_

By: Jennifer Ellard

Recently, ViB and Cmd conducted a survey called (State of Digital Transformation Survey – 2021) to understand more about Digital Transformation. We learned a lot and thought it might help you prioritize transformation and even security decisions for 2021 and beyond.   The research found that 74% of respondents believe threat detection is the top challenge…

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Best Practices to protect your cloud workloads

By: Scott Holt

As security practitioners, we are often given problems that have obscure solution sets available. Problems such as “make sure we are not in the headlines!”, “we need cloud security,” or the laughable idea of being unhackable gets thrown around. One thing we’ve seen plenty of is security ops scratching their heads to create a usable…

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