Tracking and Controlling Users on Production Linux Just Got Easier

By: Jennifer Ellard

Announcing the December 2019 Release of the Cmd Linux Security Solution

Whether you are in DevOps or IT Security, getting tasks done quicker is always a good thing — provided you do them well. We get this at Cmd, and we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers more easily track and control users to keep your Linux environment running securely and effectively.

We’re so proud to announce some exciting new features in our product that provide improved visibility, faster navigation, and easier access to Cmd support so you can get your work done faster:

  • Viewing what scripts executed on each Linux server
  • Capturing stdout and stderr for all user commands
  • Seeing when a user escalates privileges
  • Understanding how child commands are spawned

A New Web App Terminal Make it Easy to Navigate and Analyze Linux Activity

The Cmd web app terminal plays a central role in displaying Cmd data on both the Reports page and the Sources page. It’s like a magnifying glass into Linux activity. Our new redesign brings a wide range of functional and visual improvements to the view to improve your work efficiency. We like to think of this as “Terminal 2.0”.

More-visible security events. We’ve redesigned the UI to better highlight important security events such as privilege escalation and user authentication (2FA). We’ve also made it fast to view user summaries by simply hovering over a username to view the activities for that account.

User verification on login view in Terminal 2.0


User activity summary shown when hovering over a username


Privileged escalations to (impersonate others or?) gain more control. It’s now faster and easier to spot when users escalated to another user, how they did it and what they did after.

Terminal view accessed by clicking on a live session

Improved script grouping and process relationships. Shell startup and other scripts are collapsed into a button by default with fast-expansion of hidden data as needed. Additionally, new visuals have been created to show child commands under their parents with auto-expansion of the process tree. If a process is orphaned, it is now visible in the terminal as a top-level process.


New display options give you control. A variety of controls have been added or improved to allow users to view the display as they desire. You can now change a toggle in Settings to view bash built-ins. You can also reset the terminal Command Template properties to view in a simplified, streamlined mode or customize for more detail.

Instantly access Live sessions. Quick access to ‘Live sessions’ is provided on the ‘Sources’ page and clicking any session will instantly open a terminal view.

Terminal view accessed by clicking on a live session


In the Live Sessions page, click any session to open in terminal view


And it’s not just the dashboard displays that have improved, search functionality has improved too. Now you can see the context of search results within the process tree to make your investigations much faster.

Accessible Support to Help Get the Job Done

DevOps means moving fast – which includes finding the right information at the moment you need it. That’s why we’ve enhanced our support functionality with features that get you what you need faster.

In-app support chat. Now you can access Cmd support directly from the Cmd web app. Click the chat icon at the bottom-right of any page to easily find relevant support options. It will enable you to search for and view documentation in the app as well as get direct access to the Cmd support team.

In-app support and chat gets you what you need — fast!


Receive updates in-app and via email. Cmd users can now receive product updates and other Cmd communications via the in-app chat or via email.

Control Your Cloud

We believe that tracking and controlling users in your Linux production environment should be simple and reliable. These latest additions to the Cmd Linux Security Solution continue to raise the bar for getting you the information and analysis tools you need to keep your environment secure and compliant. Because cloud environments should be as easy to control as they are to setup.

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