Virtual CISO Roundtable featuring Kevin Paige of Flexport

By: Jennifer Ellard

 A couple of weeks ago we were in the midst of planning an event at the Rickhouse in San Francisco with one of our customers – Kevin Paige, CISO of Flexport. Then, shutdowns started to grip the country, so we did what many other organizations are doing – we went virtual. At our first virtual CISO Roundtable, Kevin shared his insights on: the sudden transition to remote work, new arising threats, and what we can expect to see out of the security industry because of COVID-19. We wanted to share some of the major points in this blog post, and you can also watch the whole discussion here.

Kevin’s role at Flexport is somewhat unique in that he owns a single group that includes both IT and information security. Throughout his career, security and technical operations have always gone hand-in-hand. Kevin’s philosophy: in order to be a great security professional, you really have to understand how to secure things and be practical when it comes to running a risk-based strategy. The insight Kevin brings on the challenges and opportunities we’ll face  as we transition to remote work is incredibly beneficial to those wondering what really lies ahead. 

Check out the clips below to hear Kevin’s insight on some of the hottest topics in the cybersecurity industry these days. 


Transitioning to Remote Work

As we all know, we are in the middle of a huge culture shock right now as we finally get settled in to complete work from home environment for the coming months. Not only does this change the way we work and how we interact with co-workers, it’s also putting pressure on our systems including VPNs, VoIP, and of course security. Security teams are now needing to take a different approach in protecting our environments from home. So what are these steps? Check out the clip below.


New Risks since becoming Remote

With a big transition such as the one we all just made – comes risks. Of course we still have our standard security solutions in place, but now that we are all working off of personal networks that usually have multiple devices connected, there gives a lot of new entrances for hackers to enter your systems. These risks include: VPN overload, malicious users taking advantage of the situation, phishing attacks, business email compromises, and distracted users. 


What can we expect?

This worldwide pandemic has caused a major shift in workflows, environments, and our overall foundation as companies. Can we expect to see any long term changes? According to Kevin, this pandemic is going to lead to a lot of innovation when it comes to remote access. We have already seen a shift in remote access, but what more could we possibly see changing? 


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