“Cmd saved us 50% in compliance costs and from hiring 3 additional engineering head counts.”

# Meet our featured customers

# Meet our featured customers

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# Tales from featured customers

GoodData Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Compliance by 50% with Cmd_

GoodData is keen to think outside the box and move beyond conventional wisdom, which has proven to be a highly effective growth strategy.

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Gremlin Goes into Chaos Engineering Beast Mode with Cmd

Together with Cmd, Gremlin’s DevOps and SecOps teams are able to manage Production Linux environments with greater visibility, speed, and efficiency.

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# What people are saying

“You’re not a PAM solution, but you fit into my access management strategy.  Cmd provides the visibility and intelligence into what controls should be in place, it should be the first step in an access management program.”

“You’re well ahead of the pack on Linux. We’ve looked at AuditD and CyberArk. They don’t compare to Cmd!”

“We didn’t once consider evaluating traditional EDR tooling because Linux has been an afterthought for the legacy vendors and considering we run Linux in production, it was a no brainer to partner with someone who treats Tux as a first class citizen.”

“Cmd has brought us a massive paradigm shift in how we audit logs – they have enabled us to intelligently automate the mundane and empower our previous talent to focus on the more exciting aspects of their jobs.”

“Also, highly recommending to look into @cmd_security
those folks are really awesome!”

“I know a lot of people are still logging into servers in 2020, I’m not here to judge, so I’ve been kicking the tires on @cmd_security as a way to lock things down, and track SSH commands being run on live systems. It’s pretty dope! https://github.com/kelseyhightower/cmd-tutorial”

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