Using Slack and Cmd for Instant Security Alerts

July 29th @ 1:00PM ET

Alright, let’s cut the chit-chat and get down to business: ChatOps and security.

Whether you’re a big organization or a small startup, every security-minded company needs to understand what their users are doing, when, where, and why. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, and security teams often spend way too much time managing alerts and granting permissions.

By integrating permissions workflows into ChatOps tools like Slack, companies can take some daily alerts off the security team’s plate, create and monitor logs, and control access to sensitive environments.

Some of the core benefits of integrating security into ChatOps include:

  • Control root & database access
  • Meet auditing and compliance requirements
  • Make admins’ lives easier

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# Cmd is the DevOps-Preferred Security Solution for Production Linux

Lightweight yet powerful, Cmd was built Linux-first to give fast-moving teams an easy way to protect mission-critical servers without slowing them down. Cmd deploys quickly across every Linux instance in your cloud or data center, giving you the ability to detect and stop problems like these and much more:

Disabling / enabling native Linux security controls

Interactive and non-interactive shell sessions

File interaction and modification

Downloading / transferring production data

Leveraging instance IAM permissions

Developer changes / debugging in production

Privilege escalation and abuse of access

User account creation and changes

Service configuration changes

Unanticipated ``middle of the night`` activities

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