Manage and Control Privileged Access on Production Linux

When you need production access to resolve an incident or carry out a critical task, you can’t be slowed down by dinosaur-era PAM. Cmd gives users the privileges they need, when they need it, with full audit & granular control.

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# PAM in the cloud is just…

Take a look at your privileged access management (PAM) solution. It’s almost certain to have been built for Windows, where you have a dedicated IT staff managing users, identities, and group policies through Active Directory. The cloud is totally different. In Linux, identities are decentralized and systems are created and taken down through automated algorithms overseen by an army of DevOps engineers. Furthermore, very few controls exist – if any – to prevent a privileged user from doing something they shouldn’t do.

Legacy PAM solutions are not well suited for this fast-paced, high-velocity, decentralized environment. That’s why Cmd has approached PAM from a fresh, Linux-first perspective.

Cmd makes privileged access fast, easy, and totally controllable


Easy deployment and provisioning

Cmd allows users to assume account identities already present on the box, making it so much easier to provision and manage than legacy PAM without compromising compliance controls.


Enforcement through any shell

Users access systems & containers however they choose, including ssh, tty, console, kubectl, IPMI and Cloud-native tools. No proprietary shell required.


User authentication with 2FA

Cmd works with modern provisioning methods and provides easy and flexible authentication through 2FA-gated logins and privilege escalations.


Privileged account and root user guardrails

Block risky commands, even for a root user, providing pre-execution protection from human errors or legitimate threats.


Rich context for each session

Capture every command a user executes across privilege escalations, as well as output returned and context such as processes, files and netcons.

# Controlling privileged access is foundational to workload security

To provide adequate protection for workloads running in your cloud or datacenter, you’ve got to have a tight foundation, including privilege management.


Ask yourself:

  • “Do I know that no unauthorized code is running?”
  • “Can I track who is logging in and what they do?”
  • “Am I confident every change is accounted for?”
  • “Can I easily find and audit critical information?”

If you answered “no” to any of these, now’s a good time to evaluate Cmd.

“We’re a high-growth company, so security can’t create friction. We need to deliver faster – all the time. That’s why we selected Cmd, so we can monitor and control access to sensitive systems without slowing DevOps down. This is what Privileged Access on Linux is supposed to be.”

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# Learn a little more (you know you want to)

Cmd for Securing Root Users & Privileged Accounts

Learn how Cmd monitors and enforces policy for privileged users, root users, and shared accounts.

Solution Sheet

Redefining Privileged Access Management for Agile Cloud Environments

Learn how privileged access inside cloud environments is different, and what you need to do to adapt.


CmdAcademy: How to Audit Who is in Your Cloud – The Good and the Bad

Learn how to use Cmd to manage who has access to your cloud environment and see who’s actually logging in.


# Compare Cmd to Legacy PAM

Cmd was built Linux-First and Cloud-Native to provide a frictionless solution for managing privileged access in modern Production Linux environments. Here’s how Cmd compares to legacy PAM solutions.

Access control on session login
Privilege escalation control
Login reporting for audits
Security analytics
Native shell integration: no proprietary shell required
Live monitoring
Real-time session kill
DevOps-friendly integration with 2FA, Slack, Teams, and other Auth’n / Auth’z solutions
Control over individual commands
Integrated threat detection and alerting
Cloud managed - no infrastructure, no maintenance
All-in-one platform
Lightweight agent

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