Cmd Logging_

Cmd Logging allows clients to search security incident logs in real-time. Many SIEM tools cant index the volume of data fast enough to support real-time searchability. By allowing for this search, Cmd greatly reduces security incident investigation time and increases visibility across the Linux fleet of assets.


Track Identity for Every Action, Everywhere

Tie every action to the user who actually executed it, even when they are logged in with default or shared credentials. Ace your user attribution audits, and keep anonymous hackers off your boxes.

# User Attribution for Shared and Root Accounts

Guaranteed user attribution for every action, even when using a shared, privileged, or root account. In-line integration with a variety of 2FA providers for strong authentication.

# Simplified Auditing & Reporting

Build and customize reports to satisfy auditors, regulators, and your own internal security policies. Cmd is a drop in replacement for auditd that requires no setup, is completely centralized, and is far easier to read.

AuditD vs Cmd Comparison

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