Cmd + Okta

Identity-Based Access

Synchronize identities and bring zero-trust access management to Production Linux

# Protecting Linux Production Environments with Identity-Based Access Management

Okta provides cloud software to help companies manage and secure user authentication when accessing modern applications. They also help developers build identity controls into applications, websites, web services, and devices.

Identity-based access management, including SSO, improves security across a wide variety of use cases without undue burden on users. It’s particularly important when you’re dealing with sensitive architectures like Linux production environments. Okta provides Zero Trust identity and access management for cloud infrastructure, extending secure privileged access to help automate the lifecycle of server accounts and policies across dynamic infrastructures.

One challenge that arises around identity management in Linux production environments is that user and account management are highly decentralized. This means individual accounts and identities are set up on each box, along with the permissions around what they can and cannot access. While it’s possible to automatically provision identities from a centrally managed corporate identity store, the complexity involved in setting these up and putting them to use is generally not worth the benefits.

# How Cmd Integrates with Okta

Cmd ties into identity provisioning solutions like Okta, making it very easy to associate users with the appropriate policy, even in Linux production environments. With Cmd, users from the identity store are able to assume the local identities already on a Linux box, which reduces the complexity of provisioning those identities into Linux. Furthermore, Cmd’s policy engine and control capabilities give you the ability to do much more with those identities once provisioned, so you can achieve much more value.

Cmd partners with Okta to ensure that Zero Trust principles are applied, not just to initial access, but throughout the duration of a session within any Linux production environment. With identity-based access management in place, sometimes businesses feel they are safe allowing DevOps workers to do as they will, but this can open the company up to a variety of risks.

Cmd integrates with Okta to bring identity-based access management into Linux production environments without added complexity. Our modern, fast platform integrates with Okta and other access tools to offer customers an additional layer of security before users can access sensitive information and infrastructure.


The typical process looks like this:

  • The user logs into Okta’s platform for identity provisioning
  • The user requests to access a Linux production environment or resource
  • The security or IT team receives an alert via Cmd, which must be approved or denied
  • If approved, the user can proceed to access the Linux environment, with session logging to ensure complete security and compliance visibility


Additionally, the partnership between Cmd and Okta lets teams manage:

  • Access via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
    Provisioning, including creating, updating, or deactivating infrastructure
  • Set adaptive 2FA controls that depend on time of day, location, and other behavioral factors

Companies using Cmd’s Okta integration can also take advantage of other features, such as alerting, reporting, and cloud compliance & auditing management.

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