A SANS Whitepaper – Taming the Wild West: Finding Security on Linux

We know Linux is rightfully considered highly secure, but throw a bunch of them into a massive cloud app and things change. With an API key or a credit card, an attacker could become a privileged user – perhaps even root – fairly trivially. The security of these environments is more pertinent than ever to modern organizations.

Companies deploy more and more Linux every year. So it’s important that users have the tools they need to secure accounts while providing the information security team the level of visibility needed to combat dangerous threats.

This paper poses the following important questions to Linux administrators:

  • Does your information security team have visibility and insight into your Linux environment?
  • What level of permissions are your users given to these systems?
  • How are they using those permissions?
  • Do you have a Linux security policy that governs privileged accounts so they aren’t easily abused?
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