Address PCI Requirement #10 with Cmd

Any merchant handling or processing credit card data has to adhere to the requirements outlined in PCI’s Data Security Standards, and Requirement #10 is one of the most important parts of that standard. PCI Requirement #10 calls for organizations to “track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data,” an activity that’s even more complicated if you manage an ever-changing Production Linux environment.

This document describes how Cmd helps organizations with this critical requirement, so you can automate data collection critical for your audit and avoid the nightmare of actively reviewing logs and auditing all commands with elevated privileges in highly dynamic environments.

Download this document and read how Cmd helps with:

  • Implementing automated audit trails for system components
  • Meeting PCI specifications in all audit trail entries
  • Securing audit trails so they cannot be altered
  • Alerting on security events and access in real-time
  • Retaining audit trail histories inline with what’s required by PCI
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