Addressing SOC2 Compliance

Your customers and partners want to know that you are protecting the data they share with you. That’s where your SOC 2 report comes in. SOC 2 auditing has taken off alongside the explosive growth of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms. The process of validating the controls that exist for securing sensitive data in those environments, certified by an independent auditor, provides business partners with trust and confidence in your organization.

This document describes how Cmd helps business simplify and accelerate the process of gathering data for their SOC 2 audit, with information that’s both higher quality and more meaningful. It details how Cmd’s core features map to the latest specific SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria (2017 TSC).

Download this document and read how Cmd helps with:

  • CC 1: Control Environment (CC1.3 / COSO Principle 3)
  • CC2: Communication & Information (CC2.1 / COSO Principle 13)
  • CC3: Risk Assessment (CC3.2 / COSO Principle 7, CC3.4 / COSO Principle 9)
  • CC4: Monitoring Activities (CC4.1 / COSO Principle 16, CC4.2 / COSO Principle 17)
  • CC5: Control Activities (CC5.1 / COSO Principle 10, CC5.2 / COSO Principle 11, CC5.3 / COSO Principle 12)
  • CC6: Logical & Physical Access Controls (CC6.1, CC6.2, CC6.3, CC6.6, CC6.7, CC6.8)
  • CC7: System Operations (CC7.1, CC7.2, CC7.3, CC7.4, CC7.5)
  • CC8: Change Management (CC8.1)
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