Best Practices For Understanding Who Is In Your Cloud

Managing who has access to your cloud environment – and who’s actually logging in – is mission-critical for IT security and compliance.

Unfortunately, the nature of Linux makes it very hard to understand who’s in your cloud at any given moment – resulting in breaches that go on for months before you even know it.

CEO, Jake King, will be discussing best practices for understanding who is in your cloud (the good guys and the bad) and what to do about it. You’ll also learn how to use free and open-source tools so you can meet your compliance requirements and improve your security posture quickly.

Join us to learn:
• Who is logging in to production Linux
• When they use shared accounts or escalate privileges
• What actions they are taking, including accessing sensitive data
• How to use modern 2FA and ChatOps tools to enforce policy
• How to identify potential threats in your cloud

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