Cmd Customers Talk About Their Experiences on Risky Business #591

In this episode of the Risky Business podcast, hosts Patrick and Adam have a chance to talk to two folks who have implemented Cmd: HPE ITOC engineering lead Adam Cardillo and his colleague Curtis Simpson – the ITOC CISO – discuss the dual role Cmd plays in their Production Linux environments from both an Ops and Security perspective. They share how Cmd:

  • Protects users from accidentally knocking systems over
  • Successfully navigate the (many) audits they face on a yearly basis
  • Uncover weird behavior and manage user workflows

Of course, you may also be interested in the rest of this episode, including:

  • The latest on the EncroChat hack-related arrests
  • Details about the fresh F5 and Citrix bugs
  • Natanz go boom
  • Paying Wastedlocker ransoms violates Treasury sanctions
  • North Korea embraces Magecart (lol)
  • Much, much more…
The dual-role of Cmd to support Ops and Security in Production Linux

HPE ITOC engineering lead Adam Cardillo and ITOC CISO Curtis Simpson

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