Cmd Customers Talk About Their Experiences on Risky Business #591

In this episode of the Risky Business podcast, hosts Patrick and Adam have a chance to talk to two folks who have implemented Cmd: HPE ITOC engineering lead Adam Cardillo and his colleague Curtis Simpson – the ITOC CISO – discuss the dual role Cmd plays in their Production Linux environments from both an Ops and Security perspective. They share how Cmd:

  • Protects users from accidentally knocking systems over
  • Successfully navigate the (many) audits they face on a yearly basis
  • Uncover weird behavior and manage user workflows

You can read the full transcript of this interview here. Of course, you may also be interested in the rest of this episode, including:

  • The latest on the EncroChat hack-related arrests
  • Details about the fresh F5 and Citrix bugs
  • Natanz go boom
  • Paying Wastedlocker ransoms violates Treasury sanctions
  • North Korea embraces Magecart (lol)
  • Much, much more…
The dual-role of Cmd to support Ops and Security in Production Linux

HPE ITOC engineering lead Adam Cardillo and ITOC CISO Curtis Simpson

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