Cmd for Securing High-Velocity DevOps on Linux Clouds

Without appropriate security controls, privileged accounts can accidentally delete whole directories, export PII and sensitive data against compliance, or make changes that bring entire production stacks down. However, security policies can have a debilitating impact on DevOps in Linux cloud environments. When deployment or operational issues happen, DevOps needs to address them quickly — but they can’t if root access is limited or developers are forbidden from production.

Cmd is the DevOps-preferred solution for security in Production Linux. Our solution was built to work with DevOps – not against it. Cmd sets up simple guardrails on the operating system that monitor activity and prevent dangerous commands before they happen, without restricting DevOps. With its unique ability to enforce root access policies and prevent unapproved commands, Cmd is the right choice to secure Linux while keeping DevOps agile.

  • Full context for root cause analysis
  • Work the way you want
  • Enforce policies on privileged accounts
  • Block dangerous commands
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