Cmd for Securing Root Users & Privileged Accounts

There are many reasons for Linux Admins and DevOps to escalate privileges in Linux. Whether for updating configuration files, deploying updates, or addressing a real-time security threat—sudo is just a fact of Linux life. Unfortunately, root access has always been a security hole you can drive a truck through, as Linux provides no way to restrict what a root user or superuser can do for the purpose of enforcing security policy.

Cmd lets you monitor and enforce policy for privileged users, root users, and shared accounts. Cmd is the only Linux security solution that was built to work in Production Linux at all levels – including root access. With its unique ability to monitor activity and provide real-time enforcement of security policies at the root user level, it is the only choice for fully securing your Linux environment.

  • Control root user actions
  • Block dangerous commands
  • Confirm and track identity
  • Full context for investigations
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