Cmd Product Overview

Watch this video to see how Cmd helps you track and control users in Production Linux. This short walkthrough shows off how Cmd:

  • Audits user activity: See who’s logging in and what they are doing
  • Monitors live sessions: Real-time visibility, like looking over users’ shoulders
  • Controls privileged access: Stop shared account abuse with in-line MFA
  • Safeguards sensitive data: Approve dangerous commands over Slack of Teams, even for root users
  • Finds Linux-native threats: Feed your SIEM with MITRE ATT&CK alerts and critical events

Don’t let security slow you down. Cmd was built for Linux in Production.

  • Installs in seconds on all major Linux distros
  • Integrates with all your favorite DefOps tools
  • See file diffs and prevent modifications
  • Automated and on-demand data scrubbing
Cmd Product Overview

Track and Control Users in Production Linux

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