Cmd vs. Auditd

Linux audit logs contain great inherent value, but with Auditd that value is locked up in scattered, hard-to-parse files. Cmd’s Linux auditing capabilities far exceed that of Auditd.

Cmd stores all activity in an intuitive, searchable engine, complete with full system context at the time of each command. Setup is fast, capturing everything you need right out of the box. With Cmd, you’ll meet compliance requirements and get full visibility into what sysadmins are doing without needing an advanced degree in Linux.

Download this comparison to learn why Cmd is a better choice than Auditd.

  • Designed for faster session review and forensics
  • See what the user typed and what shell commands the system executed
  • See detailed information for every command, plus session & host information
  • Easy to set up and maintain in the cloud
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