GoodData Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Compliance by 50% with Cmd_

GoodData is keen to think outside the box and move beyond conventional wisdom, which has proven to be a highly effective growth strategy. GoodData relies heavily on valuable in-house technical talent and the sensitive nature of the data they handle means home grown solutions are normally the obvious choice. However, this can be a double-edged sword.

Tomas Honzak, Chief Information Security Officer, joined GoodData in 2013 and has played a critical role shaping the company’s information security strategy. Under his leadership, GoodData has made incredible progress strengthening their security and compliance posture over the years — historically through open source tooling. However, GoodData recently arrived at a critical inflection point: their internal IT auditors found themselves drowning in a never ending torrent of verbose session logs collected using their own legacy technology — struggling to keep pace with ongoing compliance audits.

“We have an incredibly talented technical team in the Czech Republic, and consequently our engineers always tend to favor homegrown tooling,” Honzak said. “However, Cmd successfully challenged the status quo as they’re the first commercial mission critical security solution we’ve introduced to our stack, and we’ve never looked back.”

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