Infrastructure Detection & Response for Linux

The volume and sophistication of attacks on Linux servers continues to rise as more and more critical information is stored on workloads running Linux. Attackers can quickly gain shell access and use native Linux tools to conduct reconnaissance and move laterally from machine to machine.

Unfortunately, most security solutions fail to provide visibility and detection for these Linux-specific techniques. Security teams need detailed and precise Linux telemetry so they can investigate and respond to these threats effectively.

Download this document and read how Cmd helps with:

  • Comprehensive process and session logs
  • Block dangerous executions/ binaries
  • Identify users of native system accounts
  • Control privileged access / privilege escalation
  • File integrity Monitoring & Prevention
  • Implement RBAC policies, realtime
  • Powerful on-host redaction engine
  • Tamper-proof agent operational modes
SolutionSheet IDR
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