Jake King discusses MITRE ATT&CK on Risky Biz #560

Fast forward to minute 42 of this Risky Biz episode to hear Patrick Gray interview our Co-founder and CEO, Jake King. Jake discusses our work at the CertEU summit and MITRE ATT&CK workshop in Luxembourg applying MITRE ATT&CK to Linux and container environments.

As more and more organizations focus on container and workload orchestration, the security picture is becoming much more clear. Abuses of configuration and live access during troubleshooting can create windows for attackers to sneak in. This is why developers need compensating controls that provide visibility into when someone may be probing for credentials, or sniffing for environment variables, or execing into a container. Listen to the podcast for more from Jake.

Of course, you may also be interested in the rest of this episode, including:

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  • City of Johannesburg data held to ransom, but it’s not ransomware
  • Much, much more


Applying MITRE ATT&CK to Linux and container environments

Jake King, Co-Founder and CEO, Cmd

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