CISO Roundtable on the Transition to Remote Work

As the global coronavirus pandemic forced shutdowns around the world, organizations around the world went virtual. It wasn’t just the work – it was the way we connected, the way we interacted, the way we learned.

Right at that time Cmd held a virtual CISO Roundtable with our customer Kevin Paige, CISO of Flexport. We asked Kevin to share his insights on a number of topics related to the way that the pandemic was changing his job:

  • The sudden transition to remote work
  • How the pandemic could change the threat landscape
  • What we can expect to see out of the security industry because of COVID-19
  • What changes may stick around long after the pandemic has passed

Watch this roundtable to learn how the role of CISO is changing, and how Cmd can help.

CISO Roundtable on the Transition to Remote Work

Featuring Kevin Paige, CISO at Flexport

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