PDX OWASP Podcast: A Sudden Shift in Threat Modeling

The rapid onset of the novel coronavirus, known generally as COVID-19, forced companies worldwide to change workflows – including how privilege and access is secured – seemingly overnight. Though not completely foreign to many companies, the idea of a fully remote workforce has upended the normal flow of things for most of us, and caused security teams to rapidly reassess their threat models as they attempt to discover what new vectors adversaries will start to target.

Listen in as Jake King, CEO and Co-Founder of Cmd, joins Kendra Ash and John L. Whiteman of the PDX OWASP Podcast to discuss this and:

  • What Cmd is up to in 2020
  • The importance of 2FA/MFA to control access and provide guardrails
  • How to handle privilege escalation in a meaningful way
  • How to build and maintain diversity in the security industry
PDX OWASP Podcast: A Sudden Shift in Threat Modeling

Jake King, Co-Founder and CEO, Cmd

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