Redefining Privileged Access Management for Agile Cloud Environments

Managing privileged access inside cloud environments is completely different from the corporate environment. We love Linux because it’s so fast to build and deploy web apps, but the minute you want to put any kind of centralized security or control over that environment, you risk running DevOps into the ground.

The fact is, DevOps needs elevated access like root and sudo to deploy code and fix issues as quickly as possible. However, we also need a centralized way to manage that access so security policies are enforced on sprawling cloud hosts/containers.

In this session, we talk about moving from heavy-handed access control to lightweight, agile access guardrails that are built specifically for DevOps. Learn about:

  • Real-time user session monitoring for visibility and audit/compliance
  • Just-in-time access approvals and pre-execution blocks using 2FA or Slack/Teams
  • Threat detection and alerting for Linux based attack vectors
  • Identity-based policy for shared accounts and root-access users
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