Who’s In Your Cloud? How Privileged Access Controls are Leaving You Exposed

Managing who has access to your cloud environment is mission-critical for IT security. Compliance is putting pressure on how organizations manage privileged access on these systems, which are storing petabytes of user and customer data.

Unfortunately, the nature of Linux makes it very hard to understand who is in your cloud at any given moment – resulting in breach detection times of over 200 days. Legacy solutions for privileged access management (PAM), designed to address this problem on Windows, completely neglect the Linux platform and leave you exposed.

Join Cmd’s Head of Security, John Brunn, to learn the nature of these failures, why it’s so difficult to understand and locate who is in your cloud, and how to fix it.

You will learn:

  • How to assess your gaps in user attribution and compliance on Linux
  • Why requirements for PAM on Linux are different than Windows
  • What a PAM solution for Linux should be designed to do
  • How to execute a smart PAM strategy in your Linux cloud
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