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77% of you are in the early or planning stages of your digital transformation efforts. You’ll find resources on this page to help you along your transformation journey. We’ve curated best practices based on your role within an enterprise.


# Why security needs to be a bigger part of digital transformation infographic

Check out this infographic to see why security needs to be a bigger part of Digital Transformation efforts.


# Digital Transformation Survey

Digital Transformation is a key initiative at many enterprise organizations currently. Recently, independent research was conducted by ViB, which surveyed 266 IT, cloud and security professionals to determine the timing, challenges and goals surrounding digital transformation. The survey’s findings are outlined in this paper.


# Case studies

See what value our customers have achieved.


US Airline Saves $150k and 130 SecOps Hours

Read how this Leading US Airline leveraged Cmd to monitor and protect their Linux infrastructure.

Case study

SaaS Provider Drives Digital Transformation, Improves Asset Protection and…

SaaS Provider’s Digital Transformation Case Study

Case study

Travel and Hospitality Company Leverages Talent More Effectively with Cmd

For Travel & Hospitality CISO’s the degree to which you and your team can detect and…

Case study

Case Study

#3 Reasons to Consider Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure Separately

You likely consider securing your cloud infrastructure similarly to the way you secure your desktops and laptops. Cloud workloads aren’t the same and need to be secured differently.


# From Credit Card Issuers to Card Networks

Ensure secure digital connections across the cloud in this webinar from Cipher + Cmd.


# Clickable demo

Want to see how Cmd works for yourself? Use this clickable demo to see how we protect cloud environments.


# Get Security Back on the Rails, RubyonRails That Is

Cmd Academy shares security best practices with the overall security community. This whitepaper about how to help secure RubyonRails is no different. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to configure Cmd to further strengthen your Ruby instance. Dig in!

Rails logo


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